The Sociology of Culture


Raymond Williams / University of Chicago Press / 266页 / Paperback / USD 25.00 / 1995-8-15

The Sociology of Culture的内容简介

Raymond Williams helped to establish the field of cultural sociology with "Marxism and Literature" and "Culture and Society." Continuing the work of those studies, "The Sociology of Culture" offers debate on the origin and evolution of culture. It defines sociology of culture as a convergence of various fields and explores ways in which culture is socially mediated. "A historical analysis of the social organization of culture in terms of its institutions and formations. Insisting that the term sociology of culture implies a convergence of interests and methods, Williams draws from a broad range of examples: Greek drama, Celtic bards, the Pre-Raphaelites, Bloomsbury and modern copyright laws, among others."--"Library Journal" Raymond Williams (1921-87) was professor of drama at Cambridge University. His many books include "Marxism and Literature, Keywords, Country and the City," and "Culture and Society."

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