David Cronenberg
Plexus Publishing / 2005-12-10出版

Ever since his emergence from the Canadian cinematic underground during the late 1960s, David Cronenberg has challenged and disturbed audiences with works that range from cutting-edge commercial to cult-fave studies in "body horror" and existential despair. This collection of new interviews by critic Serge Gr]nberg examines Cronenberg from his career's uncertain beginnings through his ascendancy to master filmmaker. Cronenberg talks candidly about aesthetics, censorship, sexuality, the straightjacket of political correctness, and the ephemeral sense of reality in an age saturated with mass media. Each of his landmark films is discussed in detail, accompanied by stills, rare handbills and posters, and storyboards that show the creative process at work. Detailing both his textbook masterpieces -- works like "Videodrome, Naked Lunch, and "The Fly -- and his more edgy films such as the transsexual romance "M. Butterfly and the bloody cyberpunk epic "Existenz, these interviews shed light on one of cinema's most talented and misunderstood creators.