Setting Limits Fairly


Norman Daniels / James E·Sabin M·D / Oxford Univ Pr / 206页 / HRD / $ 42.38 / 2002-2

Setting Limits Fairly的内容简介

The central idea for this book is that we lack consensus on principles for allocating resources and in the absence of such a consensus we must rely on a fair decision-making process for setting limits on health care. The authors characterize key elements of this process in a variety of health care contexts where such decisions are made- decisions about insurance coverage for new technologies, pharmacy benefit management, the design of physician incentives, contracting for mental health care by public agencies, etc.- and they connect the problem in the U.S. with the same problem in other countries. They provide a cogent analysis of the current situation, lucidly review the usual candidate solutions, and describe their own approach, which represents a clear advance in thinking. Their intended audience is international since the problem of limits cuts across types of health care systems whether or not they have universal coverage.

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