St Martins Pr / 2003出版

In this definitive study, Martin Booth - author of the acclaimed Opium: A History - charts the history of cannabis from the Neolithic period to the present day. It is a fascinating, colourful tale of medical advance, religious enlightenment, political subterfuge and human rights; of law enforcement and customs officers, smugglers, street pushers, gang warfare, writers, artists, musicians, hippies and pot-heads. Booth chronicles the remarkable and often mystifying process through which cannabis, a relatively harmless substance, became outlawed throughout the Western world, and the devastating effect such legistlation ahs had on the global economy. Above all, he demonstrates how the case for decriminalization remains one of the twenty-first century's hottest topics.


  1. 1 不期
  2. 2 关于我爱的人
  3. 3 鬼香
  4. 4 横冲直撞
  5. 5 慢成长
  6. 6 春日便当
  7. 7 无所事事
  8. 8 考研手记