Learn to Read Latin, Part 2
Yale University Press / 2006-11-15出版

A Latin grammar book and reader all in one when the text and workbook are used together, "Learn to Read Latin" presents basic Latin morphology and syntax with clear explanations and examples, and it offers direct access to great works of Latin literature even at the earliest stages of learning the language. As beginning students learn basic forms and grammar, they also gain familiarity with patterns of Latin word order and other features of style, thus becoming well prepared for later, more difficult texts. No other beginning Latin book contains as many unaltered versions of ancient texts. "Learn to Read Latin" includes the writings of authors such as Caesar, Cicero, Sallust, Catullus, Vergil, and Ovid, arranged chronologically and accompanied by introductions to each author and each work. These readings serve as the chief training texts around which the book's fifteen chapters are constructed. The workbook provides abundant drills to accompany each chapter of the text. A flexible format allows the workbook exercises to be used in the classroom, for homework assignments, for extra individual drill work, or as a home study tool.

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