Whaddaya Say? Guided Practice in Relaxed Speech, Second Edition
Pearson ESL / 2000-12-21出版
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Native speaker在轻松的日常对话中,语调常不自觉加快而出现连音,这和课堂中所教授的标准英文是大不同的,这种连音在美剧中就比较常见,不少人由于不懂连音而听得一头雾水。
如whaddaya say=what do you say
wanna=want to
gonaa=going to
gotta=got to
hafta=have to
1 How's your family?
2 Yours is a great job!
3 I have the prefect car for you.
4 Where are the bags of chips?
5 Do you like the internet?
6 let's go shopping.
7 What are you doing the weekend?
8 I want to have a hamburger.
9 We're going to see "the monster that ate cleveland"
10 Can you see the satge?
11 What can I get for your cold?
12 Take bus 4 to second street.
13 I'm going to try to find a job.
14 I've got to check your teeth.
15 I used to be an engineer for the railroad
16 What's the Fastest Way to Send His Packages?
17 We Arrive on Tuesday and Leave on Thursday
18 Do You Want a Chocolate or Lemon Birthday Cake?
19 I Don't Know What Classes to Take
20 Can't You Find an Apartment?
21 Could You Check My Sink?
22 Who Have You Asked to Fly the Plane?
23 Could I Have an Appointment with Dr. Okamoto?
24 We Should Have Taken a Left
25 What Are You Doing to My Hair?
26 Give Me a Paintbrush.
27 I Couldn't Take the Test Because I Was Sick.
28 Been to the Circus Lately?
29 Where Are Your Extra-Large Hats?
30 When Will Your TV Program Be Over?

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