The Universal Journalist
Pluto Press / 2007-04-20出版

Easily the best introduction to being a reporter I have come across. It provides solid, no-nonsense advice on the skills needed to do the job. ... Best of all, it has been written by a true newsman and his enthusiasm for the task in hand is evident on every page. --Paul Jones, course leader, Press Association Editorial Training
A pleasure to read. Anyone who wants to be a journalist should go through it again, and again, and again. --Val Williams, Press Division, The Thomson Foundation
'An essential, down-to-earth guide to what the job is all about.' --Press Wise Bulletin
Product Description
This is a new edition of the world's leading textbook on journalism. Translated into more than a dozen languages, David Randall's handbook is an invaluable guide to the universals of good journalistic practice for professional and trainee journalists worldwide. Irrespective of language or culture, good journalists share a common commitment to the search for truth, often in difficult circumstances. David Randall emphasises that good journalism isn't just about universal objectives: it must also involve the acquisition of a range of skills. This acclaimed handbook challenges old attitudes, procedures and techniques of journalism where they are seen as cynical and sloppy. This fully updated edition contains scores of new anecdotes and examples, drawing on the author's own experience as a national newspaper reporter and columnist, plus a completely new chapter on how to be a great reporter.

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