Lonely Planet New York City Encounter
Lonely Planet / 2007-5出版


What Will Your New York Encounter Be?
...escaping to the top of the Empire State Building for a romantic rendezvous (p22)
...exploring hip boutiques and old-school arcade bars in Brooklyn, the `new' downtown (p218)
...chomping lamb's brain francobolli or pig's foot milanese at Babbo, chef Mario Batali's crown jewel (p116)
...pondering Picasso's Three Musicians or Pollock's One at the stunning new Museum of Modern Art (p11)
...accessorizing with oversized Chanel eyewear, Dior handbags or Burberry suits (p161)
...catching live indie bands at Arlene's Grocery, or starring in Rock-n-Roll Karaoke yourself (p77)

Discover Twice The City In Half The Time
..full-color pull-out map for easy navigation
...our local author recommends the very best restaurants, clubs, theaters, museums and more
...hand-picked highlights, itineraries and web resources help you make the most of a short trip
...New Yorkers share the love: meet a bodega owner, a pedicab driver and a journalism student

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