Hesiod: Works & Days / Theogony
Hackett Pub Co / 1993-10-1出版

There are at present four other principal translations of these poems available . . . and this one compares well with them. It is livlier, more viaried in tone and style, and more colloquial. . . . Robert Lamberton's introduction is an excellent, concise exposition of current scholarly debate: his notes are informative and helpful. . . . Those who want a translation that captures something of the spirit of an ancient Greek poetic voice and its cultural milieu and transmits it in an appealing, lively, and accessable style will now turn to Lombardo. --M. A. Katz, Wesleyan University in CHOICE
Product Description
'This is by far the best rendering of Hesiod's poems in print. The translation is fully accurate but so readable one doesn't want to stop; it exactly captures Hesiod's rustic wisdom, his humour and his cautious pessimism...Clear brief notes and a glossary make this a must for introductory courses: students will love it' - Richard Janko, University College, London.

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