The Cutting Edge of Wallpaper

Over the past few years, wallpaper has experienced a enaissance. After the years of mini- malism; of plastered walls painted in neutral olours, people are coming round to the idea of individual expression in interior design. The enormous variety and scope that wallpaper allows for means that it is, at last hip once again.
The Cutting Edge of Wallpaper pays tribute to this exciting new trend, looking at the techniques, prod-ucts and people at the forefront of contemporary wallpaper design. From the established makers, such as Jane Gordon Clark, Timorous Beasties and Neisha Crosland, to emerging talent, including Linda Florence.
The Magnificent Chatwin Brothers and Rachel Kelly, the work of some fifty designers is profiles and illustrated,providing a consummate survey of the medium. Essays by craft-experts and academics explore the history of wallpa.per, how it has crossed-over with fine art through the agesThe Cutting Edge of Wallpaper captures the essence of a relentlessly innovative medium that is at a key point in its evolution, and explores the exciting ways in which the boundaries of design are being extended and chal- lenged by contemporary makers.

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