The Art of Embroidery
Thames&Hudson / 2007-2出版

Brimming with hundreds of stunning photographs, this book will appeal to all practising embroiderers, textile designers and students, and will be an invaluable sourcebook for anyone interested in textile design.
The Art of Embroidery is an inventive and creative overview of embroidery patterns and designs based on the natural world.
The emphasis is on the composition and design of textile surfaces, showing the range of creative effects that emulate the textures and colours found in the environment.
The book begins with an overview of techniques used in embroidery, traditional and modern, as well as common stitches and materials. Twelve chapters then explain and illustrate the basic principles of design composition, from stripes and checks to allover motifs. Photographs of the living world are translated into inspirational hand or machine embroideries.
Many techniques are illustrated step by step, and the striking images are designed to fire the imagination and help readers to create their own work based on nature and the changing seasons.
Common or unusual, the many techniques used are shown and explained in simple terms and often illustrated step-by-step. An index at the end of the book enables the reader to locate any details easily and quickly.
Francoise Telllier-Loumagne has taught textile and knit design for more than 49 years. She is the author of the Art of Knitting, also published by Thames & Hudson.

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