The American Way
Prentice Hall Regents/ESL / 1983-10-1出版

Fascinating read for anyone living in the U.S., May 23, 2000
By A Customer in
The American Ways is an easy to read, well-organized, comprehensive book discussing how the U.S. developed its value system. It builds from the history behind the values to how these values are exhibited in today's political system, religion, ethnic assimilation, business, home and family life, education, sports, and leisure time. The reader can easily understand or recognize the value placed on activities in these various areas of American life, both in the past and present.
Excellent references and exercises accompany each chapter.
I have used it with many newcomers to the U.S. and given it to many U.S. born friends. All have enthused over its thought-provoking content. I highly recommend for anyone who wishes to develop a deeper understanding of our great country and all we have to be thankful for.

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