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Most of us are only too aware that, whatever roles we have in
today's fast-moving world, much of our success lies in getting others to
say `Yes' to our requests. What many people might not be aware of, though,
is the vast amount of research that has been conducted on the influence
process. What factors cause one person to say `Yes' to the request of
another? Yes! is full of practical tips based on recent academic research that shows
how the psychology of persuasion can provide valuable insights for anyone
interested in improving their ability to persuade others - whether in the
workplace, at home or even on the internet. It combines the counter-intuition of Freakonomics with the popularising of
Does Anything Eats Wasps? For each mini-chapter contains a mystery which is
solved in a way that provides food for thought for anyone looking to be
more persuasive, and for anyone interested in how the world works.

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