Foundation ActionScript 3.0 with Flash CS3 and Flex
friends of ED / 2007-12-17出版

If you want to create exciting dynamic web sites that will amaze your online audience, then the Flash platform is a great way to go, with it's many features, including powerful graphical and sound and video capabilities. To really harness the power of Flash though, you need to make use of ActionScript to provide dynamic effects, enable user interaction, and manipulate data. ActionScript 3.0, the latest version of the Flash Platform's scripting language, offers a lot of new and powerful features. ActionScript is now a full-fledged programming language, with complete object-oriented capabilities, improved event handling, sound and video support, drawing capabilities, support for regular expressions, and much more. Whether you are a Flash designer wishing to add to your skill set or an experienced ActionScript developer who wants to get up to speed with the latest version, you'll find all you need to know in Foundation ActionScript 3.0 with Flash CS3 and Flex. This book covers all the essential techniques from the ground up, allowing you to get up and running quickly and easily. Starting with the fundamentals, youll learn about using ActionScript objects, manipulating sound and video, and harnessing the power of regular expressions and XML. The book concludes with two case studies to consolidate what you've learned and to introduce some more advanced techniques. This will give you a good grounding in the new and exciting world of ActionScript 3.0 and show you how it all fits together in larger applications, allowing you to go on and build your own professional sites. The sensible layout of the book makes it easy to find information about specific techniques. It doesnt aim to be an exhaustive reference, but rather focuses on the essential skills that will enable you to get up and running quicker. With this book as your guide, youll be creating killer Flash applications before you know it. In this book, youll: * Use the fundamentals of ActionScript 3.0 with both the Flash IDE and Flex * Take advantage of ActionScript 3.0's object-oriented features * Manipulate sound and video to produce exciting modern web applications* Work with XML as your data source * Witness the power of ActionScript 3.0 in two complete case studies

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