Fonts & Encodings
O'Reilly Media / 2007-10-6出版

The era of ASCII characters on green screens is long gone. Today, industry leaders such as Apple, HP, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle have adopted the Unicode Worldwide Character Standard, and acceptance among developers is rapidly increasing. Yet much software and many web sites still use a host of standards, including PostScript, TrueType, TeX/Omega, SVG, Fontlab, FontForge, Metafont, Panose, and OpenType. This new reference book is a comprehensive guide to using fonts and typography on the Web and across a variety of operating systems and application software. "Fonts & Encodings" shows you how to take full advantage of the incredible number of typographic options available. Advanced material covers everything from designing glyphs to developing software that creates and processes fonts. This book explains information on fonts and typography that software and web developers need to know to get typography and fonts to work properly.



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