First Second / 2006-05-02出版

At last we have an answer to the question: What do alien kids read?Who knows how many light-years this beaten-up,weatherworn volume has traveled to land up in the hands of an earthling like you? This rare artifact from another planet is written in an entirely alien language and alphabet, which you may be the first human to decipher.Whichever galaxy theyre from, these interwoven tales prove that some stories are indeed universaland that others are, well .... weird, bizarre, and clearly not of this world. But no matter how many eyes, legs, or tentacles they have, its nice to know that aliens too can smile, cry, poop, make friends, be kind or be cruel, fall prey to peer pressure, and sometimes make a total mess of things while trying to do good.Thanks to this extraordinary discovery from a world far, far away, serious ufologists everywhere are now rethinking their profession, while asking themselves: Do aliens really let their kids read this stuff?