Andy Warhol Portraits
Phaidon Press / 2007-03-19出版

First Book to Feature over 300 of Warhol's Famous Faces"I think everybody is my friend." -Andy Warhol To the general public, Andy Warhol is known as a painter of legendaryicons, from Marilyn and Jackie O to his own ever-changing self-portrait. Less known are the portraits he made of socialites, art dealers,collectors, politicians, fashion designers and a variety of contemporarycult figures, mostly commissioned work that helped finance Warhol's manyother artistic activities.Never before has there been a book thatprovides a comprehensive overview of all of Warhol's famous faces. ANDY WARHOL PORTRAITS by Tony Shafrazi, is the first book to provide acomplete overview of Warhol's many celebrity portraits, from the famous tothe infamous.It features over 300 glamorous portraits including manyworks largely unknown even by avid fans.ANDY WARHOL PORTRAITS grew out of an exhibition that was organized by theTony Shafrazi Gallery, New York in 2005.Shafrazi paid homage to a seminaldisplay of Warhol's portraits that took place at the Whitney Museum ofAmerican Art in 1979-80.The Whitney exhibition presented for the firsttime a large array of the commissioned portraits that the artist began inthe early 1970s as a way to offset the cost of multiplying activities atthe Factory.Shafrazi's exhibition included many portraits from theoriginal Whitney exhibition as well as others.ANDY WARHOL PORTRAITS takesShafrazi's exhibition even further, nearly doubling the number of worksshown.On the 20th anniversary of Warhol's death in 1987, there has never been abetter time to reflect on Warhol's life and influence on pop culture today. According to a recent interview with Charlotte Abbot from PublishersWeekly, "It's a good moment for Andy Warhol.Culturally, he is still ontop."Art historians and critics have long neglected this body of Warhol's work,preferring to discuss and study the more iconic Marilyns or Campbell SoupCans of the 1960's.ANDY WARHOL PORTRAITS includes, in addition to famousportraits of Marlon Brando, Liz Taylor and Dennis Hopper, lesser-knownimages of actors Bill Murray and Meryl Streep, fellow artists Donald Juddand Cy Twombly and royal family members such as Princess Diana and PrincessCaroline.It also features a number of musicians, including Prince andDolly Parton, and fashion icons including Diane von Furstenberg and GiorgioArmani. The book begins with an introduction by Tony Shafrazi, and features essaysby established art historians/critics Carter Ratcliff and Robert Rosenblum,who lend insight into one of the least fully known but neverthelessprolific aspects of Warhol's endlessly fascinating career.The book makesthe perfect gift for any pop culture fan.

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