Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit
Atlantic Monthly Pr / 1987-9出版

Lk mos people I lived for a long time with my mother and<br > ~her liked to watch the wrestling, my mother liked<br > My<br > father<br > tow~stle;it didn t matter what. She was n he wh e corner and<br > that was that.<br > She hung out the largest sheets on the windiest days. She<br > ~n ed the Mormons to knock on the door. At election time in a<br > Labour mill town she put a picture of the Conservative<br > candidate in ~he window.<br > She had never heard of mixed fedings. There were friends and<br > th~re were enemms.<br > Enemies were: The Devil (in his many forms)<br > Next Door<br > Sex (in its many forms)<br > Slugs<br > Friends were: God<br > Our dog<br > Auntie Madgc<br > The Novels of Charlotte Bront6<br > Slug pellets<br > and me, at first. [ had been brought in to join her in a tag match<br > against the Rest of the World. She had a mysterious attitude<br > !owards the begetting of children it wasn t that she couldn t do<br > it+ mo~ that she didn t want to do it She was very bitter about<br > th, Virgin+ Mary getting there firs So he did the next best thing<br > anm arranged fo a oundling That was me<br > We had no Wise Men becau e she didn t believe the e we e any<br > tcannozrecallatimewhen lddno know hat l was special.<br > wL+ men, but we had sheep One of my earl est memori<br >~ ,+ ~ng on . t es is me<br >!~ Sactfi asheepatEase wh le she told me the oyo he<br > SLlclaa..,~ Lamb. We had it on Sundays with potato<br > +hol~d~I d s h day of the<br > mah g~k; we had a tad g t h h tmposmg<br > ~ura)ly w~dListefaedBt~kt~e kghth indue. ~ut ohn<br > 3<br >



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