Live from New York


Tom Shales / James Andrew Miller / Little, Brown and Company / 608页 / Hardcover / USD 40.00 / 2002-10

Live from New York的内容简介

With unprecedented access, Tom Shales and James Miller, with authorization from Lorne Michaels, have interviewed the stars, writers, crews, and guests who have made Saturday Night Live the greatest long-running comedy of all time. Out of these backstage stories they have woven an oral history that will be the definitive account of the shows 25-year history. The story is bursting with creative frenzies, clashing egos, actors who went on to mega stardom in film and those who disappeared; the origins of famous routines, censorship battles, and humour so toxic it never got on the air; the love affairs, feudsall the unique insanity involved in producing the show that changed North America forever. Includes great backstage stories from Bill Murray decking Chevy Chase to Norm MacDonalds campaign to infuriate NBC brass. Everyone from Cameron Diaz to Ralph Nader to Robert Downey Jr. to George Bush has appeared on the show, and they all share their fondest, wildest memories with us. Tom Shales is the Pulitzer Prize-winning TV critic of The Washington Post, and a movie reviewer for NPRs Morning Edition. His books include On the Air and Legends, and he has written for many major magazines.

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