Smart and Gets Things Done
Joel Spolsky / Apress / 2007-5-31出版
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A guide to attracting, recruiting, interviewing, and hiring the best technical talent. * A comprehensive system for hiring top--notch technical employees * Packed with useful information and specific advice written in a breezy, humorous style * Learn how to find great people--and get them to work for you--in an afternoon! The top software developers are ten times as productive as average developers. Ten times. You can't afford not to hire them. But if you haven't been reading Joel Spolsky's books or blog, you probably don't know how to find them and make them want to work for you. In this brief book, Joel reveals all his secrets--from his years at Microsoft, and as the co--founder of Fog Creek Software--for recruiting the best developers in the world. If you've ever wondered what you should be looking for in a resume, if you've ever struggled to decide whether to hire someone at the end of an interview, or if you're wondering why you can't find great programmers, stop everything and read this book. Table of Contents * Hitting the High Notes * Finding Great Developers * A Field Guide to Developers * Sorting Resumes * The Phone Screen * The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing * Fixing Suboptimal Teams

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