Enid Blyton


Barbara Stoney / Tempus / 263页 / Paperback / USD 16.95 / 2007-05-01

Enid Blyton的内容简介

Enid Blyton is known throughout the world for her imaginative
children’s books and her enduring characters such as Noddy and
the Famous Five. She is one of the most borrowed authors from
British libraries and still holds a fascination for readers old and
young alike.
Yet until 1974, when Barbara Stoney first published her official
biography, little was known about this most private author,
even by members of her own family. The woman who emerged
from Barbara Stoney’s remarkable research was hardworking,
complex, often difficult and, in many ways, childlike.
Now this widely praised classic biography has been fully
updated for the twenty-first century and, with the addition of
new color illustrations and a comprehensive list of Enid Blyton’s
writings, documents the growing appeal of this extraordinary
woman throughout the world. The fascinating story of one of
the world’s most famous authors will intrigue and delight all
those with an interest in her timeless books.

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