Oxford Latin Dictionary
OUP Oxford / 1982-10-28出版
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"This is the long-awaited one-volume edition of the work that has been appearing regularly in fascicles since 1968. It is a work that any significant library ought to possess."--Library Journal
"By far the most scholarly, reliable, and convenient bilingual dictionary of its scope for any language. The Latinist cannot live without it."--American Notes and Queries
"The appearance of each new fascicle of this dictionary is a welcome event and one calculated to make the student look forward to the time when he can possess the entire book."--Classical World
"Indispensable for any serious, advanced study in Latin language or literature, and a must for the reference collections of academic and research libraries."--American Reference Books Annual
Book Description
Fifty years in the making, the Oxford Latin Dictionary is the first Latin-English dictionary based on a fresh reading of original sources. The Dictionary was published in eight fascicles between 1968 and 1982 and is now available in a single bound volume. Features of the Oxford Latin Dictionary BL First Latin-English dictionary composed directly from original sources BL Comprehensive coverage of classical Latin with entries for approximately 40,000 words BL Based on a collection of over one million quotations that illustrate the meaning and use of Latin words from the earliest known instance BL Definitions are in modern English and based on modern lexicographical principles BL Up-to-date with the inclusion of better texts as well as epigraphical material that was previously unavailable The Oxford Latin Dictionary is a comprehensive and authoritative reference work for students, teachers, professionals, and general readers interested in classical languages and literature, ancient history

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