New Photography In China

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John Millichap / Gu Zheng / 3030 / 192页 / Paperback / USD 37.50 / 2010-10-10

New Photography In China的内容简介

3030: New Photography in China
TThis fully illustrated survey presents the work of 30 of China's most exciting photographers under 30. Here for the first time is presented China’s new generation, unburdened by ideology and immersed in the economic and social changes that have transformed China over the past 20 years. From internationally exhibiting artists to photo-journalists, video makers and web bloggers, their images reveal a diverse range of styles that reflect the influence not only of tradition and politics but also foreign media channels and the development of a home-grown pop culture encompassing TV, music, advertising and fashion.
In almost all cases it is the city that provides the inspiration, whether it is Guangzhou in the south, Shanghai in the east or Beijing in the north. And it is partly these regional differences and their influence on each other that lends contemporary photography in China its freshness and strength.
Essays by leading scholars and curators from Beijing and Guangzhou introduce the photographers and their work. For students and enthusiasts of contemporary China and photography ‘3030: New Photography in China’ reveals an exciting new force in world art
The Photographers
Birdhead (鸟头): Song Tao (宋涛) b.1979, Ji Weiyu (季炜煜), b.1980
Cai Wei Dong (蔡卫东), b.1978
Cao Fei (曹斐), b.1978
Chen Wei (陈维), b.1980
Chi Peng (遟鵬), b.1981
Guo Hang (郭航), b. 1983
Huang Kui (黄奎), b.1977
Jin Shan (金闪), b.1976
Li Si En (李思恩), b.1980
Liang Yue (梁玥), b.1979
Lin Zhi Peng (223) (林志鹏), b.1979
Liu Bo (刘波), b.1977
Liu Ding (刘鼎), b.1976
Liu Ren (刘韧), b.1980
Liu Yi Qing (Yiki) (刘一青), b.1982
Lu Yanpeng (卢彦鹏), b.1984
Peng & Chen: Peng Yangjun (彭杨军), b.1977 & Chen Jiaojiao (陈皎皎), b.1980
Shen Hao (沈浩), b.1980
Si Wei (Zao) (司玮), b.1980
Su Han Guang (Alex) (苏焊光), b.1978
Tang Yi (汤艺), b.1982
Wang Yifei (王一飞), b.1984
Wen Ling (Ziboy) (温凌), b.1976
Xu Cheng (徐程), b.1980
Xu Zi Yu (徐梓峪), b.1979
Yang Chang Hong (杨长虹), b. 1979
Yao Yi Chun (姚亦淳), b.1984
Zhang Jungang (K1973) (张君钢), b.1980
Zhao Yao (赵要), b.1981
Zheng Zhiyuan (郑知渊), b.1977

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