500 Necklaces
Lark Crafts / 2006-10-28出版
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More artists make necklaces than any other form of jewelryand these pieces are among the most exquisite ever created. Selected from over 5,000 entries, they range from unique chokers to artful collars. Some showcase precious metals and gems, while others use more unusual materials, including plastic, wood, paper, and glass. They’re forged, cast, and woven, and have surface embellishments that run the gamut from inlay to enameling. And the variety is simply astonishing: Classic bejeweled chains appear next to avant-garde felted wool constructions. Some of the eye-catching, full-color images feature enlightening quotes from the creators themselves. Jewelers, students, collectors, and anyone who loves beautiful objects will treasure this extensive collectionthe largest of its kind.

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