A Marketing Plan for Life
Perigee Trade / 2005-1-4出版


Book Description
This is the book for those who are sick of defining their net worth by their financial portfolio alone. Those who are successful at work, but stressed and unhappy with life outside the office. And those who, after years spent focusing on a career, have lost sight of what's really important.

Using the same strategies that result in good business, readers can redefine what they really want-and turn their lives into their most successful business venture yet. Fortune 500 marketing executive Robert Fried shows how the skills and principles that facilitate professional success can help us reach our personal goals, too-and explains how to create a "marketing plan" for one's own life. Fried explains how to:
1.Identify the target customer to discover the "Authentic" Self
2.Define the business one is in to figure out what one wants to achieve
3.Assess the market to capitalize on strengths
4.Weather the product cycles to reinvent self at every stage
5.Create targets of opportunity to make dreams a reality
6.Expand reach to create a lasting legacy

About Author
Robert Michael Fried is a marketing executive who has worked with Motorola, Revlon, Eddie Bauer, and other internationally known brands. He has lectured at UCLA and USC and is the co-founder of the ThirdWind Company, dedicated to helping people discover what matters most to them (www.thirdwind.net). He conducts his Marketing Plan for Life seminars around the world.

Book Dimension
Height (mm) 234                    Width (mm) 190

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