AP Stylebook
Basic Books / 2004-07出版

Fully revised and updated, the essential handbook for all writers, editors, students, and public relations specialists.

More people write for the Associated Press than for any newspaper in the world, and writers have bought more copies of The AP Stylebook than of any other journalism reference. With this essential guide in hand, any writer can learn to communicate with the clarity and professionalism for which the Associated Press is famous. Fully revised and updated, this edition contains over 5,000 A to Z entries--including more than 50 new ones--laying out the AP's rules on grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviation, and word and numeral usage. Comprehensive and easy to use, The AP Stylebook provides the facts and references necessary to write accurately about the world today: correct names of countries and organizations, Internet language and search techniques, language to avoid, common trademarks, and the unique guidelines for business and sports reporting. The final word on media law, The AP Stylebook also includes an invaluable section dedicated to crucial advice on how writers can guard against libel and copyright infringement. The veritable "journalist's bible," this is the one reference that working writers cannot afford to be without.

With more than 50 new entries plus updates of more than 100 others, The AP Stylebook includes such features as:
* An A to Z listing of guides to capitalization, abbreviation, spelling, numerals, and usage
* Internet guidelines
* Sports guidelines and style
* Business guidelines and style
* A guide to punctuation
* Supreme Court decisions regarding libel law
* Summary of First Amendment rules
* The right of privacy
* Copyright guidelines
* Proofreaders' marks



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