Lonely Planet USA

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Jeff Campbell / Glenda Bendure / Lonely Planet Publications / 1216页 / Paperback / USD 28.99 / 2006-03

Lonely Planet USA的内容简介

Follow the heartbeat of America through towering forests, undulating fields, pulsating metropolises and offbeat oases. Whether day-tripping from the Big Apple s core or dreaming of the California Coast, this definitive, award-winning guide inspires you to go the distance and discover the USA s very best. DISCOVER & DECONSTRUCT - in-depth culture and history sections offer political and paradoxical insights, while the arts section unveils America s top talents. MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY - full-color highlights, tailored itineraries and 140 killer maps lead you along and off the beaten track. RUN FOR THE HILLS - escape the concrete jungles via the labyrinth of back roads, waterways and crest trails revealed in our authoritative outdoors section. REST EASY - national park campsites, secluded B&Bs, five-star suites, the Heartbreak Hotel...our sleeping listings provide prime bedding for myriad budgets.

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