The Red Tree
陈志勇 / Simply Read Books / 2003-03-01出版

The Red Tree, written and illustrated by Shaun Tan, is a picture book that presents a fragmented journey through a dark and frightening world. The illustrations are detailed and surreal. The text is sparse and matches the dark tone of the illustrations.
The story is based on images inspired by the experience of depression. The main character is a lonely red-headed girl. The Red Tree follows the girl through her day; it states how she feels and depicts her dark, gloomy worries. Almost unnoticed in each picture is a small red leaf (symbolising hope). At the end of the story, the little girl stands smiling at a beautiful red-leafed tree growing in her bedroom.
This book is one of the many picture story books by Shaun Tan, others also addressing issues such as immigration and cultural differences. (From: Wikipedia)

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