Price Theory
Aldine Transaction / 1976-06-01出版

"I cannot pretend that the present version is the finished treatise that I had in mind (or in youthful dreams) in the earlier years of teaching the course. But it is a much expanded and, I hope, improved version. I have filled in four of the six gaps that I enumerated in the preface to the initial version. The two I have not filled in are industrial organization for reasons given at the end of chapter 6 and the theory of general equilibrium, because there are such good extant expositions of the classical Walrasian general equilibrium approach and I am not competent to present a succinct yet faithful exposition of the more recent general equilibrium developments, particularly in the field of growth models. In addition, I rather suspect that these developments are as yet in a preliminary and unsatisfactory state." – Milton Friedman, from the preface to the revised edition

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  • Theory of Price
  • Exchange and Production
  • Price Theory and Applications
  • 经济学的结构