Remember Every Name Every Time


Benjamin Levy / Fireside / 224页 / Paperback / USD 15.00 / 2002-5-2

Remember Every Name Every Time的内容简介

"I'm sorry, but...I can't remember your name."
Even the boldest corporate leaders are terrified of forgetting an important name at a crucial moment. They know that forgetting a name can cost them an important deal -- and that remembering it can cement a lifelong business relationship. That's why they have studied with Benjamin Levy, whose astounding memory feats have made him one of America's most highly sought-after corporate entertainers. Now, for the first time, Levy steps off the stage and out of the boardroom to share his surefire techniques with you.
In "Remember Every Name Every Time," Levy takes you step by step through his time-tested, executive-approved memory program. With his techniques, you'll effortlessly
remember the names of people you've just met for the very first time, no matter how rushed the introduction, no matter how stressful the circumstances
remember one name, five names, thirty or more names at events ranging from high-powered board or client meetings to business dinners and employee gatherings
remember even the most difficult names and the most nondescript faces -- for the long term.
Realistic business scenarios, bite-size summaries, and dozens of full-color photographs help you hone your skills. In case you ever "do" forget a name, Levy even offers savvy tips on how to handle the situation with grace and aplomb.
Rounded out with firsthand advice and anecdotes from some of Levy's world-renowned CEO clients, who reveal why remembering names is a vital skill in today's economy, "Remember Every Name Every Time" gives you the tools you need to create a great impression at any business occasion and send your career soaring higherthan you've ever imagined possible.

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