Modern C++ Design

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Andrei Alexandrescu / Addison-Wesley Professional / 352页 / Paperback / USD 64.99 / 2001-2-23

Modern C++ Design的内容简介

In Modern C++ Design, Andrei Alexandrescu opens new vistas for C++ programmers. Displaying extraordinary creativity and virtuosity, Alexandrescu offers a cutting-edge approach to software design that unites design patterns, generic programming, and C++, enabling programmers to achieve expressive, flexible, and highly reusable code. The book introduces the concept of generic components, reusable design templates that enable an easier and more seamless transition from design to application code, generate code that better expresses the original design intention, and support the reuse of design structures with minimal recoding. The author then shows how to apply this approach to recurring, real-world issues that C++ programmers face in their day-to-day activity. All code is available on the Web, along with Alexandrescu's downloadable Loki C++ library, which provides powerful out-of-the-box functionality for virtually any C++ project. For experienced C++ programmers who have at least some familiarity with the Standard Template Library (STL).

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