C++ Gotchas
Addison-Wesley Professional / 2002-12-6出版
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C++ Gotchas is the latest addition to the distinguished roster of Addison-Wesley's bestselling programming titles, such as Effective C++ and Exceptional C++. While appealing to the same broad audience of intermediate C++ programmers, this book has a completely different approach. The author presents 99 "gotchas" - common and preventable problems in C++ programming and design. The gotchas run the gamut from minor syntactic annoyances to basic design flaws to psychological behavior. The material has been selected based on the author's extensive experience presenting gotchas in his training classes, speaking engagements, and magazine articles. By learning the lessons in this book C++ programmers will save themselves much time and wasted effort. C++ Gotchas is destined to become an invaluable reference to many programmers.

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