Water Quality and Treatment Handbook
McGraw-Hill Professional / 1999-10出版
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Distinguished by its all-inclusive coverage of public water supply treatment, the American Water Works Association's "Water Quality & Treatment" has stood as the leading international source in the field for over 60 years. With a full 90 per cent of its material new to this edition, this one-of-a-kind reference is more essential than ever. Here, you'll find all the basics, starting with a rationale for water quality and goals, and progressing to discussion of: methods of performing hydrologic and hydraulic analysis for flood insurance studies; compliance and enforcement sections; a method of assessing coastal flooding and other hazards; and more!Authoritative, comprehensive, and written by more than 20 highly respected specialists, "Water Quality and Treatment" brings you 18 illustrated chapters detailing state-of-the-art technologies and methods. It features updated appraisals of everything from aeration and coagulation processes, to chemical oxidation and water plant waste management. Whether the topic is the health and aesthetic aspects of water quality, or the latest details on effective control of microbia, you can't find a more in-depth-or more critical-guide to water supply treatment than the one you're holding right now. Features new to this edition are: leading-edge membrane technologies; disinfection processes for prevention of Cryptosporidium and E. Coli outbreaks; enhanced removal of total organic carbon; updates on all processes and treatments; European regulations; and, U.S. regulatory changes.