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Let the bullet train whisk you from futuristic Tokyo to Kyoto's most exquisite temples. Join a sake-filled cherry blossom party or the drum beat of a local matsuri. Pick your own way through sophisticated mega-cities packed with world-class museums. Then meet the wild snow monkeys of Chubu. How could one country offer so much? This bestselling guidebook explains it all.

* GET MORE FOR YOUR YEN insider's budget tips and smart accommodation options mean you can do what you want, whatever your budget
* KNOW THE ROUTE packed with over 150 maps, more than any other guide to Japan
* FEAST LIKE AN EMPEROR our Food & Drink chapter and mouth-watering restaurant listings dish up the best sushi and sashimi on the archipelago
* ESCAPE THE CROWDS comprehensive coverage of Mt Fuji, Okinawa and the Southwest Islands, Kyushu and Hokkaido, written by the experts
* POINT IT OUT Japanese script throughout means you'll always find what you want

From the Publisher
Who We Are
At Lonely Planet, we see our job as inspiring and enabling travellers to connect with the world for their own benefit and for the benefit of the world at large.

What We Do
* We offer travellers the world's richest travel advice, informed by the collective wisdom of over 350 Lonely Planet authors living in 37 countries and fluent in 70 languages.
* We are relentless in finding the special, the unique and the different for travellers wherever they are.
* When we update our guidebooks, we check every listing, in person, every time.
* We always offer the trusted filter for those who are curious, open minded and independent.
* We challenge our growing community of travellers; leading debate and discussion about travel and the world.
* We tell it like it is without fear or favor in service of the travellers; not clouded by any other motive.

What We Believe
We believe that travel leads to a deeper cultural understanding and compassion and therefore a better world.

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length: (cm)19.3                 width:(cm)12.8

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