Phil Gordon's Little Green Book

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Phil Gordon / Simon Spotlight Entertainment / 192页 / Hardcover / USD 23.00 / 2005-10-04

Phil Gordon's Little Green Book的内容简介

Poker is hotter than ever. Tens of millions of people shuffle up and deal, log on and play, and tune in to watch televised tournaments on a regular basis. No Limit Hold'em, known as the 'Cadillac of poker', is widely considered to be the purest form of the game and is by far the most popular, given that it is featured in the World Series of Poker and on Bravo's Celebrity Poker Showdown. In PHIL GORDON'S LITTLE GREEN BOOK, world-class poker player and co-host of Celebrity Poker Showdown Phil Gordon does for poker what Harvey Penick did for golf, sharing both his technical expertise as a seasoned veteran of the game and his insights as one of poker's most visible teachers. He provides players of all levels with invaluable tips, expert advice, and bits of poker wisdom. Gordon's accessible explanations, conversational approach, and easy-to-read diagrams make LITTLE GREEN BOOK a must-have reference for anyone interested in learning No Limit Hold'em as well as the millions of players who have already gone all-in.

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