The Norton Anthology of English Literature 6e - the Major Authors
W. W. Norton & Co. / 2001-1-10出版
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Book Description
The Norton Anthology of English Literature has been thoroughly re- shaped and expanded to take account of the needs of students and their professors at the dawn of the third millennium. The seventh edition's thoroughly revised text incorporates recent scholarly developments while retaining the elements that have made the book a classic. New features include a broader representation of women writers of all historical periods such as Marie de France, Frances Burney, Charlotte Smith, Mary Robinson, Elizabeth Gaskell and Eavan Boland; a richer treatment of post-Colonial writers such as Jean Rhys, Chinua Achebe, V.S. Naipaul, Anita Desai, Les Murray, Salman Rushdie, J.M. Coetzee and Paul Muldoon; and a new set of cultural and thematic "Issues" such as "The Literature of the Sacred", "The Science of Self and World", "Slavery and Freedom" "Revolution, Rights and Liberation" and "The Rise and Fall of Empire". The period introductions, author headnotes, annotations and bibliographies have been thoroughly revised and many have been completely rewritten for the new edition. Capping it all is Seamus Heaney's wonderful new verse translation of Beowulf which has been eagerly awaited.

The Sixth Edition of The Norton Anthology of English Literature continues to be the indispensable anthology. Like its predecessors, the Sixth Edition offers the best in English literature from the classic to the contemporary in a readable, teachable format. More selections by women and twentieth-century writers, a richer offering of contextual writings, apparatus fully revised to reflect today's scholarship, and a new larger trim size make the Sixth Edition the choice for breadth, depth, and quality.

The Editors:

M. H. Abrams, General Editor, Emeritus, Cornell University
E. Talbot Donaldson, Late of Indiana University
Alfred David, Emeritus, Indiana University
Hallett Smith, Formerly with The Huntington Library
Barbara K. Lewalski, Harvard University
Robert M. Adams, Late of University of California, Los Angeles
George M. Logan, Queen's University
Samuel Holt Monk, Late of the University of Minnesota
Lawrence Lipking, Northwestern University
Jack Stillinger, University of Illinois
George H. Ford, Late of the University of Rochester
Carol T. Christ, University of California at Berkeley
David Daiches, Emeritus, University of Sussex
Jon Stallworthy, Oxford University

Book Dimension
length: (cm)23.3                 width:(cm)14.1

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