More Effective C++

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Scott Meyers / / Addison-Wesley Professional / 336页 / Paperback / USD 49.99 / 1996-1-8

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More than 150,000 copies in print! Praise for Scott Meyers' first book, Effective C++: "I heartily recommend Effective C++ to anyone who aspires to mastery of C++ at the intermediate level or above." - The C/C++ User's Journal From the author of the indispensable Effective C++, here are 35 new ways to improve your programs and designs. Drawing on years of experience, Meyers explains how to write software that is more effective: more efficient, more robust, more consistent, more portable, and more reusable. In short, how to write C++ software that's just plain better. More Effective C++ includes: * Proven methods for improving program efficiency, including incisive examinations of the time/space costs of C++ language features * Comprehensive descriptions of advanced techniques used by C++ experts, including placement new, virtual constructors, smart pointers, reference counting, proxy classes, and double-dispatching * Examples of the profound impact of exception handling on the structure and behavior of C++ classes and functions * Practical treatments of new language features, including bool, mutable, explicit, namespaces, member templates, the Standard Template Library, and more. If your compilers don't yet support these features, Meyers shows you how to get the job done without them. More Effective C++ is filled with pragmatic, down-to-earth advice you'll use every day. Like Effective C++ before it, More Effective C++ is essential reading for anyone working with C++.

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