God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian
Washington Square Press / 22 May, 2001出版
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In what began as a series of quirkily characteristic ninety-second interludes for New York's public radio station, Kurt Vonnegut asks, on behalf of us all, the Big Questions. "Could death be a quality? A place? Not an ending but an occurrence that changes those to whom it happens?" As a "reporter on the afterlife," Vonnegut bravely allows himself to be strapped to a gurney by his friend Jack Kevorkian and dispatched round-trip to the Pearly Gates. Or at least that's what he claims in the introduction to these thirty-odd comic and irreverent "interviews" with the likes of William Shakespeare, Adolf Hitler, and Clarence Darrow, bringing readers to an entirely new place -- a place to which only Vonnegut could bring us.

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