The Second Coming of Steve Jobs

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Alan Deutschman / Crown Business / 352页 / Paperback / USD 19.00 / 2001-9-11

The Second Coming of Steve Jobs的内容简介


When Steve Jobs became the acting CEO of Apple Computers, it was hemorrhaging more than a billion dollars a year. His return after twelve years of exile to the company he cofounded completely revitalized Apple. With the revolutionary success of the iMac, it turned a profit of more than six hundred million dollars - one of the biggest turnarounds in business history. Based on interviews with scores of people - rivals, colleagues, friends - who have worked with Jobs over the years, The Second Coming of Steve Jobs presents the most revealing portrait yet of this extraordinarily complex man - How and why he almost gave up on his career; the details of his negotiations with Disney's Jeffrey Katzenberg and Michael Eisner, and the culture clash between Silicon Valley and Hollywood; his methods of leadership, management, creativity and innovation; his friendship and rivalry with Bill Gates - and much more. Now, as Jobs prepares to conquer Hollywood with his enormously successful animation film studio, Pixar, Alan Deutschman brings readers one of the most talked-about business biographies of modern times.

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