Fashion, Italian Style
Yale University Press / 2003-03-11出版

Italian fashion, which encompasses designers and companies from Armani to Zegna, has become a dominant force in the fashion world. This work discusses the rise of Italian fashion since 1945, the development of the Italian "look" from the late 1970s to the present, and the many great designers who have contributed to Italy's fashion triumphs. Valerie Steele describes how Florence, Rome, and later Milan all became important fashion centres and how other Italian cities play specific roles within the country's fashion system. She explains the tradition of "classic" men's tailoring, the importance of accessories, the special connection between textile production and fashion, and the reasons why different regions of Italy specialise in different fabrics or goods. She also analyses the integration of the various sectors of the fashion industry, a uniquely Italian model quite different from those found in France, Britain or the United States. Illustrated with photographs of fashion ensembles, runway shots, advertising images and more, this is a celebration of Italian fashion in its many guises.

  1. 1 终结者之东方战场 第二卷 天罡时代
  2. 2 香港备胎
  3. 3 桃之灼灼
  4. 4 文艺青年如何赚稿费
  5. 5 潮汐预报
  6. 6 双子
  7. 7 关山一梦,不见长安
  8. 8 职场,你懂的