More Die of Heartbreak
Penguin Classics / 31 August, 2004出版

Kenneth Trachtenberg, the witty and eccentric narrator of "More Die of Heartbreak," has left his native Paris for the Midwest. He has come to be near his beloved uncle, the world-renowned botanist Benn Crader, self-described aplant visionary.a While his studies take him around the world, Benn, a restless spirit, has not been able to satisfy his longings after his first marriage and lives from affair to affair and from abliss to breakdown.a Imagining that a settled existence will end his anguish, Benn ties the knot again, opening the door to a flood of new torments. As Kenneth grapples with his own problems involving his unusual lady-friend Treckie, the two men try to figure out why gifted and intelligent people invariably find themselves aknee-deep in the garbage of a personal life.a

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