The Social Contract (Classics)

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Jean Jacque Rousseau / Maurice Cranston / Penguin Books / 192页 / Paperback / GBP 7.99 / 2008-09-19

The Social Contract (Classics)的内容简介

Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains' - these are the famous opening words of a treatise that has not ceased to stir vigorous debate since its first publication in 1762. Rejecting the view that anyone has a natural right to wield authority over others, Rousseau argues instead for a pact, or 'social contract', that should exist between all the citizens of a state and that should be the source of sovereign power. From this fundamental premise, he goes on to consider issues of liberty and law, freedom and justice, arriving at a view of society that has seemed to some a blueprint for totalitarianism, to others a declaration of democratic principles.


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