Lonely Planet Publications / 2005-03出版

Go on, discover Spain! With its rugged sierras, hilltop villages, sun-drenched beaches and magnificent cities, Spain is a country that loves to be explored. Whether you want to marvel at the Alhambra, sunbathe on the Costa Blanca or sit back with a glass of Rioja, take the bull by the horns and experience all it has to offer with this comprehensive guide.

• PLAN YOUR TRIP - detailed itineraries, grid-referenced maps and insider tips help you hunt out the best of Spain

• SLEEP IN STYLE - hand-picked accommodation options to suit all budgets, from charming pensiones to palatial paradores

• SAVOR THE FLAVOR - enjoy hearty local gastronomy with our expert's guide to Spain's world-class cuisine, plus top restaurant recommendations

• JOIN THE PARTY - from tomato throwing and bull running to Easter fairs and religious festivities, celebrate Spanish style with our extensive fiesta listings

• FUN IN THE SUN - the lowdown on leisurely swims, scenic hikes and water-sports galore in our detailed activities chapter

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