Graffiti World
Thames & Hudson Ltd / 2004-10-18出版

‘The beauty, skill and imagination that spills from each page makes you wonder how such work could ever be classified alongside the kind of mindless vandalism you see in your average toilet block’
   – TNT Magazine

  '… brilliantly charts the developments and trends of what has now become a truly global phenomenon'
   – Computer Arts

  ‘Likely to become staple reference material for anyone involved in creating graffiti … an absolute treat … I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the visual arts’
   – The Art Book

  GRAFFITI WORLD is the ultimate graffiti book offering a unique insight into the very essence of graffiti and its creative explosion in almost every corner of the globe.
  With over 2,000 pictures from more than 180 international artists, no other book is remotely so comprehensive or up to date. Nicholas Ganz combines his own first-hand experiences with quotes from the artists themselves to offer a true insider’s perspective to the key trends and style developments that have made graffiti what it is today: a global phenomenon.

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