Los Logos
Die Gestalten Verlag / 2002-10-1出版

Logos have become the face of brands, companies and record labels. They are indispensable little helpers in creating a positive image, to trigger the memory, aid identification and install trust. Often deceptively simple, the task of a logo is never an easy one via extreme reduction it has to radically and perfectly distil an image or message into a simple, easily recognisable icon. Bringing together more than 3000 works by over 200 designers from around the globe, Los Logos spreads an incredible wealth of cutting edge design solutions over 444 pages, providing the ultimate collection of contemporary logo design no easy task! Well-indexed; subject-catalogued and systematically structured this popular bestseller has become the perfect research tool for any self-respecting designer or cultural enthusiast. The website www.loslogos.org (created in collaboration with Büro Destruct) offers an open platform for local and global logo design. A thriving community with access for all, it invites users to publish, propagate and share their existing designs.

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