Life on the Tenure Track


James M·Lang / Johns Hopkins University Press / 208页 / Paperback / USD 21.00 / 2005-4-6

Life on the Tenure Track的内容简介

In this fast-paced and lively account, Jim Lang asks-and mostly answers-the questions that confront every new faculty member as well as those who dream of becoming new faculty members: Will my students like me? Will my teaching schedule allow me time to do research and write? Do I really want to spend the rest of my life in this profession? Is anyone awake in the backrow? Lang narrates the story of his first year on the tenure track with wit and wisdom, detailing his moments of confusion, frustration, and even elation-in the classroom, at his writing desk, during his office hours, in departmental meetings-as well as his insights into the lives and working conditions of faculty in higher education today. Engaging and accessible, Life on the Tenure Track will delight and enlighten faculty, graduate students, and administrators alike.

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