Jesse Livermore
John Wiley & Sons / 2001-10-24出版
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The True Life Story and Time-Tested Strategies of the Worlds Greatest Trader "Excellent read! Captures the spirit and times of Jesse Livermore, legendary trader. The book tracks two major market crashes, love affairs, the shooting of Jesse Jr. by his mother, and two family suicides. . . . Never a dull moment." Ace Greenberg, Chairman, Bear Stearns "Terrific. I started reading it when we took off from Seouls Kimbo Airport on my way to Germany. By the time we reached Novosibirsk, Russia . . . I had finished it. I just couldnt put it down! Not only is it a great lesson in investing and trading, its a fascinating psychological study of what makes a great speculator tick. The rise and fall of a great speculator as well as the rise and fall of his family is great reading. The fact that it is based on interviews with Livermores survivors and witnesses to the events makes it even more interesting. Great writing."Mark Mobius, Managing Director, Templeton Asset Management "As one of the most shrewd traders of all time, Jesse Livermore demonstrated how important discipline is when trading the market. Smitten . . . covers how Livermore created his rules . . . also reviews the lessons Livermore learned along the way to develop his strategies."William J. ONeil, Publisher, Investors Business Daily "A stock market classic! Most entertaining and informative book on the market that I have had the privilege to read in the last twenty years. A must-read for students of the stock marketgreat even for those who have no knowledge of the market. Grabs you from the start and holds you enthralled from cover to cover. Great book!"Dan Sullivan, Publisher, The Chartist, Fund Manager, and Investment Advisor "After reading Smittens magnificent biography, two Japanese proverbs came to mind: Fortune favors the bold and Darkness lies one inch ahead. Smitten shows how fortune and darkness were integral parts of Livermores life . . . has the intrigue of a mystery novel and the lessons of a trading master. What more can one ask for? I eagerly recommend this book to anyone interested in history, the markets, and trading psychology."Steve Nison, author of Japanese Candlestick Charting

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