201 Best Questions to Ask on Your Interview
McGraw-Hill / 2002-2-12出版

Asking the right questions can help job seekers ace the interview and land that job. The most critical question job interviewers ask is often the last one. That's when they lean forward and say, "Do you have any questions?" As author John Kador points out, that's the applicants' moment to shine, to demonstrate that they have done their homework and that they're good fit with the organization. Most of all, it provides an applicant with an opportunity to ask for the job. A powerful resource for vast and growing numbers of job seekers, this book fills readers in on the pivotal questions they need to ask to ace the interview. With chapters organized around major themes, such as "the company," "the job," and "the community," "201 Best Questions to Ask on Your Interview" not only supplies readers with the right questions for virtually every context but also coaches them on the right ways to ask them.

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