Gestalten Verlag / December 2004出版

Typography today exists in conflict with classical font design and contemporary influences such as analogue distortion, screen applications, street culture, deconstruction, hand lettering and illustrative letter forms. Type One not only presents an overview of the diversity in current typography, but also reveals where conventions have become established and where valid new approaches exist.
In addition to a rich selection of typefaces and their applications, the book features articles by and interviews with international experts such as Jean François Rappot, House Industries’ Andy Cruz and Ken Barber, Norm and Professor Tanja Diezmann. Topics range from the democratization of the font creation process by the computer to how much existing approaches are based on the same fonts. These texts are edited and commented by Silja Bilz, former project and product manager for Corporate Type at the renowned Linotype Library.
While Type One provides practical context and examples, it also investigates the experimental and inspirational side of font design. This combination makes the book an essential resource for anyone seeking an up to date exploration and understanding of typography.

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