The Hobbit

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J·R·R·Tolkien / HarperCollins / 400页 / Mass Market Paperback / 66.00元 / 1996-8

The Hobbit的内容简介

This is a new paperback edition of JRR Tolkien's fantasy masterpiece, "The Hobbit". "The Hobbit" is a tale of high adventure, undertaken by a company of dwarves in search of dragon-guarded gold. A reluctant partner in this perilous quest is Bilbo Baggins, a comfort-loving unambitious hobbit, who surprises even himself by his resourcefulness and skill as a burglar. Encounters with trolls, goblins, dwarves, elves and giant spiders, conversations with the dragon, Smaug, and a rather unwilling presence at the Battle of Five Armies are just some of the adventures that befall Bilbo. Bilbo Baggins has taken his place among the ranks of the immortals of children's fiction. Written by Professor Tolkien for his own children, "The Hobbit" met with instant critical acclaim when published.

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